Seconds Away, Round Two!

CaravanChat Forum member Blackpool Belle relates the best way to fit a sheet to the mattress topper on a Bailey Unicorn Valencia, having recently taken on this task – and survived – thanks in no small measure to having an essential supply of wine available……

We have a Unicorn Valencia with a fixed cut-off bed plus a shaped Duvalay mattress topper, each of which has dedicated bedding.

Here are my top tips for making it up.

1. Decide to make up the bed alone and check which way round the tightly fitted sheet goes on to the mattress topper.

2. Spend 5 minutes wrestling with said topper and fitting part of the sheet.

3. Try to pick it all up to shake the topper down in the half-fitted sheet. Topper now has a life of its own.

4. Spend several minutes wrangling the topper back onto the bed.

I’m Winning (I Think!)

5. Realise you’re trying to fit sheet the wrong way round; curse, swear at it. Repeat actions 2-4, then go to step 6.

6. Topper is now all ravelled up inside the sheet & has a life of its own. Curse, swear.

7. Have a glass of wine to calm down.

Repeat steps 2-6 once more then repeat 7.

8. Finally heave topper with sheet onto bed & zip it up whilst breaking a nail. It forms an arch, so spread-eagle self onto bed to squish topper/sheet.

Exhausted, repeat step 7.

9. Time to fit the quilt cover, and after 3 glasses of wine who cares if it fits?

10. Realise you might as well finish the bottle and retreat into house.

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