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Full Version: Ah....Those Were The Days...
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Used to love going tent camping


[Image: DEULAlHUMAAC5-Z.jpg]
Except the tents were nothing like the one in the picture . . . . especially the latrine one!
We last camped around four years ago, on way down to Cornwall. It was lovely, nice weather, just sitting out watching sun go down. Can't do more than a couple of nights now though on a lilo, my old bones creak in a bed, so I seize up camping! OH used to camp overnight with dogs in garden of a B&B we use in Tiverton when I used to go down with Mum and Dad. Easy camping though, he got a free hot shower and yummy breakfast cooked for him!
Did enough 'camping' in the army, most of the time the only benefit was being paid to do it! Only camped a few times since but have to say I enjoy the comfort of the van
Not for me wouldn't feel safe these days.
We had a tent for a short while. It was a great barn of a frame tent. We had one holiday in it in the Lake District where it was freezing cold and poured with rain (that sounds familiar). We sold it when we got home.
We had good ridge tent, could just stand up in centre, then one of Airedales ate through inner and ran riot between inner and outer. It didn't survive! (The tent I mean. The Airedale went on to finer mischief!)

We have a really good Vango now, OH keeps thinking about selling it but I hope we will use it again! Good for throwing in Jeep for off road events!
We started with a ridge tent then moved on to the framed variety. Its been in the garage since  the middle 80s and I only passed it on last summer - not a spot of mould anywhere, but it did have that distinctive smell.....Don't you just love the curtains?
Belle, we had wallpaper like that in the 70's Yay!
We had a VW Camper HUG 72 K, wish we'd kept it now!

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