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Football! - Bugs - 30-04-2016

Well, it was a great result for United today, beating Palace 1-0

Hats off to Rafa Benitez - we were dead and buried when he came in

But he's turned us into a team again and results have been going well in recent weeks

At least we're in with a fighting chance of staying in the Premier League - however slim that chance is!


RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 30-04-2016

Well done United. Rafa is a good manager, just hope he gets the support and set up he needs. Fingers crossed for you. Neil Warnock is doing great things at Rotherham United as well, not sure if he will stay though. I think his wife is less than well, but hats off to his efforts!

RE: Football! - bessacarr425 - 01-05-2016

Will Leicester City wipe the smile off the Man United fans faces today.

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 01-05-2016

Hope so, we are cheering for them! LoL

RE: Football! - Bugs - 01-05-2016

Come on Leicester!


RE: Football! - oneputt - 01-05-2016

Although a partial  (not first choice) Man U fan for the last 40 years hope Leicester can beat them! Clap

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 01-05-2016

C'mon Leicester......! Banana Banana Banana

RE: Football! - oneputt - 01-05-2016

1-1 good result

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 01-05-2016

Great result at Old Trafford.

RE: Football! - frenchconnection - 01-05-2016

Hi all,
Yes a good result, it's nice to think a lot of people from all over are supporting the foxes and wishing them well.
Frenchconnection AKA LeicesterLad ( on other forums ).