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RE: Football! - oneputt - 02-05-2016

Brilliant result.  Congrats to Leicester Clap Banana

RE: Football! - frenchconnection - 03-05-2016

No way could we hope to Emulate what happened up the road at Forest, But I do think Claudio has done a Cloughie.
He's taken a bunch of ordinary guys who can play football and made them into a team of Champions.

Frenchconnection ( aka LeicesterLad )

RE: Football! - bessacarr425 - 03-05-2016

Well Done Leicester City and also Mark Selby. Leicester will be a proud city today.

RE: Football! - Dickers - 03-05-2016

Leicester has gone potty!

There was a fireworks display in Aylestone last night.The children at the primary school where Gillian helps with reading have all come to school in Leicester City shirts today.
I bet there are a few sore heads this morning.
The Leicester city training ground is on the other side of the fence from the end of our road. Over the last few weeks, it has been like Heathrow with the owners' helicopter flying in and out. On the day they all went to the FA for the PFA trophy presentation, there were three helicopters on the ground at one time. It is a bit unnerving until you get used to it to have a helicopter in landing pattern passing only about 20 feet above the house.


RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 07-05-2016

C'mon Boro! 1-0 up at moment. I bet the Riverside is rocking, something for the town to cling to after all the job losses these last months! Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, legs and arms crossed! Dodgy

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 07-05-2016

Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate Party Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

RE: Football! - moulesy - 07-05-2016

(07-05-2016, 03:32 PM)Takethedogalong Wrote: Celebrate  Celebrate  Celebrate  Party  Celebrate  Celebrate  Celebrate

Yesh, I'll shecond that !  LoL

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 07-05-2016

OH is already making plans for trips up to games! We found a nice CL up at Guisborough last year, so he is planning on taking van up, me commuting up on train and him picking me up at station then onto Riverside! He doesn't miss a trick!

RE: Football! - Takethedogalong - 11-05-2016

Sincere commiserations Bugs! Hope Rafa stays on to get you back up. And to Norwich as well Oneputt. Somehow think Boro are going to be on a wing and a prayer next season!

RE: Football! - Bugs - 12-05-2016

Thanks TDA - to be honest it's been coming all season so nobody is really surprised.

Most of the fans who come on my NUFC forum accepted years ago that things will never improve whilst Mike Ashley owns the club. He may have made a fortune selling t-shirts, but he hasn't a clue about how to run a football club.

Benitez will be off asap - and we don't blame him. We were amazed he agreed to work for Mr Sports Direct in the first place - but I guess £5M for 10 games in charge would have swayed most people......