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RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 31-10-2017

(30-10-2017, 11:07 PM)AlfiesDad Wrote:
(30-10-2017, 10:44 PM)nelliethehooker Wrote:
(30-10-2017, 10:38 PM)AlfiesDad Wrote: Apparently, the BBC in it's infinite wisdom, chose to air Gardeners World instead of the final half hour or so. Can't verify that, was told by third party.

It was certainly on BBC2 for a while and then one could watch it on the Red Button. They were continually plugging it on Final Score, which I was watching.

Didn't watch it Nellie, as I was at a double 70th birthday party all afternoon and evening.

From what I saw of it, it was a great turnaround by the English lads. Hope that you had a good time at your "bit of a do".

RE: Footy Chat - AlfiesDad - 06-11-2017

Woohoo, a Toffee's win at last Celebrate

RE: Footy Chat - AlfiesDad - 06-11-2017

Just heard that Bilic's been relieved of his duties.

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 06-11-2017

(06-11-2017, 10:11 PM)AlfiesDad Wrote: Just heard that Bilic's been relieved of  his duties.

Yes, and Moyes is lined up to replace him.....definitely jobs for the boys!!

RE: Footy Chat - AlfiesDad - 06-11-2017

Though Moyes did well at Everton with little money, I feel he has lost his way a bit since. Maybe the way Man U treated him (badly), knocked his confidence. He let his ambition rule his head, if he had stayed at Everton for another year and let another manager inherit "Fergies Faults" things may have been different.

RE: Footy Chat - neveramsure - 06-11-2017

As an armchair Utd supporter I agree Moyes is a good manager but I think Utd did give him longer than most managers get these days, simply because Moyes was the choice of Fergie himself. He was also good at Preston N.E. but I think Man Utd was too big a jump for him at that time and the fans expectations were beyond him. I wish him good luck if he is the replacement for Bilic.

Man Utd were rubbish this week. Sad

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 07-11-2017

Jobs done!! He's in there as about a fix!

RE: Footy Chat - neveramsure - 07-11-2017

(07-11-2017, 08:26 PM)nelliethehooker Wrote: Jobs done!! He's in there as about a fix!

He has appealed to the fans to rally round and give more positive support to the team.
Good luck to him. Yep

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 07-11-2017

Well he would say that, wouldn't he. What else could he say.....I don't need the fans!!?? Stupid he isn't!

Not one of my favourite teams, after all the cheating when Sheffield were relegated when it should have been them!

RE: Footy Chat - AlfiesDad - 07-11-2017

The teams I've supported from my childhood are Sheffield United and Everton. I'm afraid that West ham leave a bad taste in my mouth, who ever said that cheats don't prosper couldn't have been more wrong in this case. I hope that the Blades pass  the Hammers an their way up to the Premier League, maybe wishful thinking, but I can live in hope. please