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RE: Footy Chat - Riggers - 16-05-2022

I don’t know if my nerves can take it

RE: Footy Chat - Bugs - 16-05-2022

We’re entertaining Arsenal tonight at the “cathedral on the hill”

The flag show before the game on all 4 sides of the stadium will be amazing.

I’d like to think we can “entertain” Arsenal about 3-0


RE: Footy Chat - oneputt - 16-05-2022

Bugs a happy chappie tonight

RE: Footy Chat - Bugs - 17-05-2022

(16-05-2022, 10:32 PM)oneputt Wrote: Bugs a happy chappie tonight

Certainly am  Big Grin

The fans set the standard right from the start

RE: Footy Chat - Riggers - 17-05-2022

Good win that - looking promising for next season Bugs

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 17-05-2022

Great result, bugs. Were they that good, or were Arsenal rather poor? Whichever it augers well for next season.

RE: Footy Chat - Riggers - 18-05-2022

Well as expected - down to the final day of the season. Roll on Sunday. I will need a plentiful supply of wine and coffee to cope!!

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 18-05-2022

Just the way it should be for a neutral. ?

RE: Footy Chat - nelliethehooker - 22-05-2022

Just have been a real nailbiting day for you Riggers. A great comeback in the second half from 2 down.

A good win for bugs, but a pity that it has resulted in Burnley going down. Would rather preferred for that "honour" had gone to Leeds.

RE: Footy Chat - oneputt - 22-05-2022

Well and truly thrashed by spurs