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Autumn Gardens 2021 - DianneT - 26-10-2021

Garden looking drab now leaves dropping. But Geraniums still in Flower so won’t take in till the first frost. Took the Parasol in yesterday and Swing Seat Cushions put in summer house. Sent the cover back to Amazon on Wednesday and money was received in Bank Account on Friday. Excellent Service.

Had to send the cover back after 16 months due to it leaked and all the cushions got soaked. Couldn’t see where the rain got in but suspect the top long seam leaked. I will order a replacement to later so have it for next Spring/Summer if I leave it till then the prices could go Sky high. Tomorrow I am going to put grease on all the nus, bolts and fittings to stop them rusting. Will not put the new cover on now as it could take uff or rip if we get wind and gales like we have had this year.

Yesterday managed to get the last raised bed finished, well replacement for the old one, that had rotted. Put a raised platform on the corner for a plant in pot. Had to do this to cover some of the roots of the Tuscany Cypress Tree that is set in there. Some of the roots are above ground now preventing building a full length box.

[Image: 3254-B721-AE36-4821-AF09-4404-CE33740-F.jpg]

[Image: 5-BDBBC7-A-5-F7-B-4311-8-D71-5-DB0874-AE5-B4.jpg]

RE: Autumn Gardens 2021 - AlfiesDad - 26-10-2021

You've both done very well Dianne. Looks lovely Clap
Regarding your cover, you may get a cheaper one as it's coming up for Black Friday Yep