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CampStove - And It Charges Your Phone??
One for tent campers

A wood burning camping stove that also charges your phone or tablet!
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Hapz - are you looking? Big Grin

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This was on my gadget lust list a few years ago. Apparently they work pretty well but then so does my solar power bank for about a tenth of the price Smile
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Good for camping with a Tent what ever next?
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The reason why it came off my list was that very few campsites or festival grounds allow fires so the chances of using it would be slim for me
Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be  
I bought my son one of those - the Camp Stove Bundle - for Christmas a couple of years ago - and he uses it a lot on his trekking/wild camping holidays. He's done the Mercantour Trail, a walk along the Pyrenees, and took the stove to the USA last year when he did nine months in North and Central America. He loves it and wouldn't be without it - and it does work! When I bought it the only place to buy was from the American manufacturer (and a friend brought it back) - but it was cheaper than it is to buy now in this country.

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