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Top 10 Motorhome Hire Tips
Thinking of hiring a motorhome?

Good checklist HERE

I always think motorhome hire looks very expensive - even if they would accept us as customers once they saw our 3 collies!!

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We have discussed looking at this if and when we seriously consider switching to a motorhome. Can't honestly see us doing it though whilst we are boot still working.
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We too have discussed changing to a MH and are seriously considering it after I retire next March. The flexibility it gives in Europe with aires/ stehlplatz etc. and having compared cost of big tug and large caravan to a reasonably priced 4 berth MH we could well change.

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After being here for a month and meeting several MH owners they are so limited where they can go. We like to see a large amount of any area we stay at so we have the car to do it.  We have taken the couples out with us for trips and they have been so grateful to see something and visit somewhere they could  not have visited alone.  I do not believe the aires etc would suit us we like a well run secure ACSI Campsite.
But Each to their own choice.

For info on Touring in Europe go to
Yes the limitations re access are one of our few negatives at the moment, and as i say only a possibility at the moment. We only need a larger car for towing as we have a small car and a motorbike, and with a smallish MH access may not be too much of an issue, and with carefully chosen stopovers close to public transport etc still a starter for ten. David Klynes website has been read a couple of times re positives and negatives

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.


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