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Burnham Wick Farm, Essex
This CL is situated on the outskirts of Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex
Wick farm is my kind of CL.  Rural with great walks, a nice atmosphere and lots of wildlife. Include the lovely friendly owners and I guess you get the picture.  With EHU and a clean toilet and shower for £10/night it's a real bargain. Although no Wifi available I was able to tether my I pad to my phone.  Another thing I liked was the environmental approach the owners had taken from wind turbine and solar panels providing power to the farm and CL to the land management for wildlife. 10 Hectares of the 500 acre farm managed for wildlife with the addition of a scrape.  I only had a quick stopover but would be happy to make a longer stay and just wander around the area of the farm.  Burnham is a nice little town with enough pubs and restaurants to keep you going, I had a very good curry in the Cosy curry cottage.
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It looks good, One. It's not an area endowed with club sites so decent CLs are worth knowing about.

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Thanks One that sounds an excellent site.
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Not everyone's cup of tea Dianne, the grass isn't manicured and the toilets and showers although spotless are a stroll away in a farm building
A bird doesn't sing because it has the answer, it sings because it has a song
Sounds just our sort of place One! Never been to Essex, so unknown territory for us. Might be a touch far at the moment, but will keep this in mind!
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This was written for the other forum after our stay in August 2019.

Just can't keep away from this CL I love the ethos of the place, the green credentials, the whole farm and CL run on renewable energy, parts of the productive farmland turned over to wildlife with seed head areas, scrapes and the reservoir. As always a lovely welcome from Adrienne and Martin to the peace and quiet of their farm. On Wednesday Adrienne surprised us when she trundled her wheel barrow on site full of sponge cakes for her visitors, a lovely kind, generous gesture and much appreciated. I have written previously about the facilities on site so no need to go there again. Burnham on Crouch is a 20/30 minute walk away and with a station and bus service plus, shops, pubs and eateries is OK for both Caravanners and Motorhomes. There is so much to see and do here and the information room is full of up to date brochures including local walks. Added interest last week was provided by the busy harvest activity taking place More POI described in the story: Unfortunately I can't provide a live link

Further update October 2021

Apart from Covid restrictions in place not a lot has changed at this delightful CL.  The grass is now cut a lot shorter and the nightly rate has risen to £14.00.

The farm continues to look after its wildlife and floa and fauna.  Adrienne has started the mammoth task of surveying and labelling the trees on the farm, think it will take some years to complete. They have continue improvements to encourage an even larger variety of wildlife on the property

View of the CL across the paddocks

[Image: BB677-DE7-24-E4-4-BE3-A525-C2893-B9-BF9-BC.jpg]

[Image: EC7-B3-DD1-F736-4-A6-E-A3-E2-AC5-B186-B4-A0-B.jpg]
A bird doesn't sing because it has the answer, it sings because it has a song
Thank you for that informative review ONE.
I think it's a CL that's calling me to visit some time soon.
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Loved it on our only visit so far. Must make an effort to return, especially after you review, OP.
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

Received an email from Adrienne and Martin at Burnham Wick. Yesterday they did a bird count on their 500 acre arable farm. The results were outstanding

Skylark: 88
Linnet: 52
Corn Bunting: 24
Reed Bunting: 15
Yellowhammer: 1 (singing male)

Cuckoo: 6
Yellow Wagtail: 12
Cetti's Warbler: 5
Reed Warbler: 46
Sedge Warbler: 15
Common Whitethroat: 33
Lesser Whitethroat: 1
Chiffchaff: 3
Blackcap: 4

Pied Wagtail: 7
Goldfinch: 6
Chaffinch: 6

Marsh Harrier: 2 (pair)
A bird doesn't sing because it has the answer, it sings because it has a song
Wow a lot of Birds and varieties too.
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