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"Mrs M&S"
Geez, I love being a Guy. As long as I can find a Primark, Go outdoors, Mountain Warehouse or Craghoppers store I'll never be naked Yay! Yay! PS-I find the Tankini suits the older man Bugsy Boy Heart
A life without a Dog is no life at all, I always choose life.
We have been blessed by the opening of a new M&S shop on the edge of the next village so I went along to have a look today. Absolute mayhem in the car park with drivers going round in two convoys in opposite directions to fight for parking spaces; cars being reversed into other cars, pedestrians and trolleys; and many German made cars parked across two bays. Inside was much the same behaviour so I stayed but briefly to check the off-sales. Many many shelves of wine, one unit of ciders and only half a dozen beers. Were it not for the manners and the prices I could have been in Tesco - or Aldi!

Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948.
We started buying clothes at M&S believing that we were paying extra to buy quality items.  Firstly within a month nearly all the buttons fell off by wife's night clothes, then on wearing a pair of shorts for the first time, it split in the crutch.  What was more annoying is the fact that they will not repair the item which is a nuisance if you have paid to have the item altered to fit you.  We have had issues with shirts, slacks etc from M&S and now prefer to shop at Matalan and other shops because the prices are a lot lower so if the item falls apart a year or two later so what!
Their quality isn't what it was since they started importing clothing from all around the world. At one time it was M&S's pride to say their clothes were British made but no more.

To be content with the decisions you’ve made, the lifestyle you lead and the friends you have is success beyond measure.
The only thing M&S makes in the UK now is profit.

Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948.

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