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Need some advice!
Hey Everyone,

I have recently purchased a Trailer Tent, what an excellent piece of kit it is.

All I need now is a towbar fitted to my car and a place to take it Big Grin

I have tried to do some research on this but I still dont feel too sure so I thought Id ask you guys!

What is the best towbar brand with good value for money?

I came across this site called Towbar Fitting and I have been able to find a local fitter so all I need now is to buy one.

Can anyone help me out here?

Cheers guys!
Hi, CampingTom. I think the majority of towbars probably tend to be Witter and I'm not aware of any problems with them. Like most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for so I would avoid anything that looks too good to be true. I can't help you with local services, I'm afraid.

Just a word of warning, modern cars with their high-tech electronics often don't like having non-manufacturer towing electrics fitted and it can often pay to get the main dealer to fit the towbar and electrics as recommended by the car manufacturer even though it will be considerably more expensive. This can be particulately relevant if towing a trailer fitted with ATC.

Welcome to Caravanchat. Why not post in Introductions and tell us a bit about yourself and the travels you plan.

Edit: The most important thing is to use the car manufacturer's electrical pack. It's not necessary to have the main dealer fit it. I used the wrong words there.

To be content with the decisions you’ve made, the lifestyle you lead and the friends you have is success beyond measure.
You do not say where in UK you are located, this may have a bearing on who you use.

I used Armitage to have Towbar fitted to our Campervan, they are at Ferrybridge North Yorkshire. Excellent service.

Also had towbar fitted to our car (Renault Scenic), by Hedley Towbars (Durham). Fitter came to house and did job on the drive. Again, excellent service.
We have a Swan Neck as I think it is cosmetically prettier than a flange type, our current bar is a Westfalia, also other makes to consider are Thule and Witter, all have good reputations,as the saying goes Buy Cheap, Buy Twice, for peace of mind go for the best.
Cheers guys, helped a lot.
I think im going to purchase a Witter towbar.

From what you guys have said and the reviews I have read they definitely seem worth the price tag.

Last thing I want is my trailer coming off half way down the motorway haha.

Where you guys got planned on visiting?

Looking forward for the nice weather to return arghh
I have had Witter for years on three of my cars and all detachable swan necks, only with this one have I had play in the socket which 'clunked' over undulating roads. Witter replaced it free of charge and it was sent back for analysis to be told it was out of tolerance, but it happened again so probably a faulty batch. This time I requested a fixed flange type and it was again free of charge, this one is silent and affords protection for my bumper from carpark rear dings, but is goddamn ugly.
Not a problem with 'Swan neck' but if you get a 'flange' towhitch then ensure it has the ALKO type ball attached, to allow for full articulation of the trailer hitch.

Witter and my local towbar fitting people were brilliant in Customer Service and I would definitely recommend them, even though I had a problem with my latest car.

My caravan went into storage a couple of weeks back and will resurface in March, as for where we will be going it will be across the water for 10/12 weeks in April so soon time to start planning Big Grin
Let us know how you get on, C/Tom.

Personally, I won't be away in the MH now until next Spring, other than the occasional day trip out to keep the wheels turning.

To be content with the decisions you’ve made, the lifestyle you lead and the friends you have is success beyond measure.
Thanks Dave, something I had not thought about but will definitely consider.

Keep you updated!

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