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Apple User Information-Clearing Cache.
Apple Information for Deleting Cache, Apple Mac, iPad. iPhone and iPod.

Recently we have had a few Members on Apple. Windows and Android Devices having problems posting photo;s this was not down to the Forum Software but the Cache on their Devices.  Below are the instructions for the Deleting of Cache on these Devices if you are using the default Browser of Safari.

1.   Tap and go to Settings on Home Screen.

2.   Tap Safari in the left hand Column of Page.

3.   On the list on this next page go to bottom and tap the "Clear History and Website Data" in Blue at bottom of the page.  Tap Clear in box that comes up, and wait awhile for it to clear the cache, if not been done for sometime leave about 15 minutes before you go onto next instructions.

4.   Then tap the Advance Button at bottom of the page click Website Data to check if it is empty, if not then tap "Remove All Website Data"  printed in Red at bottom of page to remove everything.

It is advisable to repeat this procedure on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

If you use another Web Browser for eg. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or other  you will need to delete by the instructions from your Browser if you have any problems with this please ask we are here to help anytime.


Photo's to help.

[Image: IMG_0225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0226.jpg]
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How to add a foreign Keyboard to Apple IPhone and iPad. Only Available on iOS 10 and above.

Go to Settings.

1. Tap on General and scroll down to

2. Tap on Keyboard.

3. Tap on top line Keyboards scroll down to Add New Keyboard

4 Chose which countries you want.

5. Tap Done.

When you want to change from English (UK) Keyboard. All you have to do is click on the Globe on bottom left of keyboard and click the other Language you have saved.

I have 2 German (Österreich) and Deutch ( Deutschland) plus English (UK)
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Brilliant, thanks Dianne
Very useful re clearing cache Dianne. Thank you.
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Thanks Tinny I was unable to look for it due to visitors coming.
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As I said earlier Tinny, Dianne and Bugs have all been brilliant over this. I'm not great on computerisation when it plays up, so your intervention has been great!


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