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Mount Snowdon
I would like to take AlfiesMum and two 14yr old grandsons up Mount Snowden this sumer, grandsons also like cycling, both have mountain bikes, plus of course Alfie will be with us. Any suggestions greatly received.

We would have to use the train to go up and down Yep
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There is a new site opened by Morris Bros at Llanberis, might be worth a look online AD, If you wish to take the train up Snowdon, it is best to book in advance as you will have the grandsons, I assume in School Holidays, the trains get booked up well in advance, on the downside, by booking in advance it is a gamble as the weather at the summit can be very different than in Llanberis.
I may be wrong about this, but a few years ago my wife and I wanted to go up Snowdon on the train, but they wouldn't take dogs, other than proper assistance dogs. We had our beauty of a Golden with us and were not willing to leave him in the car, so never did go up.

So check about Alfie before you go!

Gasp  We took our German Shepherd up Snowdon up and down on the train 40 years ago no problem, have the ticket to prove it.  But it doesn't surprise me now a days you cannot take a dog many places in UK.  I always thought we were a dog friendly country till our Dutch friends came over 2 years ago with their Dachshund. We had terrible problems.
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We walked up and back about 9 years ago with our then two dogs, at that time only assistance dogs were allowed on the train and I doubt things have changed. You'll have to leg it my man  Big Grin
Try and get someone to look after Alfie if the train is your only option, the view on a nice day is stunning.

[Image: Snowden_Copy.jpg]
Just had a look and TF is right, assistance dogs only. Try the Talyllyn or other railways, they take dogs and they are nice journeys with stopping off places.
snowden faqs
Why take the train . Its a nice walk and you can take your dog with you.
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AlfiesDad said they would have to use the train so I don't think walking is an option.

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There is a car park at Caban Pen Y Pass on the A4086. From there is a wide trail (authorised vehicles use it). I takes you on a gradual assent pass the lakes before climbing to the ridge. From there you turn left and follow the railway to the summit.

My last visit there was in 1973, mountains don't change much! But regulations do. May be worth checking re mountain bikes? should be ok up to and just beyond the third lake, but after that its likely to be a pushing job unless they are super super fit!
If Snowdon is shrouded in mist and rain and the boys want to use their bikes try the Coed y Brenin Forest Park near Dolgellau, there's a cafe there too and an adventure park, good place for all ages and dogs.

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