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The £30k Glamping Tent
A Derbyshire motor home supplier is pegging its hopes on the 'glamping' market for future growth after it starting selling luxury tents which feature facilities such as a spa bath and a fully-equipped kitchen.

The leisure division of Geoff Cox, based in Derby Road, Denby, has become the only UK distributor of the Adria luxury tents, which range in price from £18,000 to £30,000.

The Adria product is a mobile, modular tent that comes in a large box weighing two tonnes and is delivered on a low loader to a mobile home site or field.

When the self-assembly kit is put together it opens up into a large tent complete with double beds, fully-equipped kitchen, toilet and powerful shower, television, and even a spa bath. Measuring 5.9 metres by 3.4 metres, the tent can sleep at least four people and even has a loft bedroom.

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Good luck with that one Mr Cox Huh
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It doesn't lend itself to touring or backpacking, does it? Yay!

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I guess in the Caravan Club that will come under the new Truck and Bus Section then.

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