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CSs, Don't We Love Them!
Just starting this thread for balance

Only fair on an independent Forum!!

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Believe it or not, we've only used one CS and it was superb. We will return.

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The grammar and punctuation is better on The Caravan Club one.

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Not a member so only CLs for me.
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We've used a couple of CSs outside Portsmouth when using the ferry - there are few CLs in the area and the CSs both have toilets and one has a shower. As these are the only ones we used once each in 4 years, we've not renewed our membership this year, but would recommend them to anyone using the Portsmouth/Caen route.
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BB, we've used several Cs's around the Portsmouth- Chichester area, and of Course the Chichester Club site at Southbourne. For many years we have been a member of both clubs, but I think in our final years we will be cutting down to one. I never thought that I would say this, but sadly due to recent changes it will be the CC that gets the chop. ( I still won't accept that new name).

Never needed anything more than the CC it does all we need very well.
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We joined C&CC years ago, back when I had a regular camping holiday with my sister, and have used one or two CS. Our favourite hidden away North Norfolk site is in fact a CS, sister site to a nearby CL. We prefer the CS. Only used one C&CC site, up near Haltwhistle. We were only ones on, as it had flooded week before we popped in. Did us for three nights, but Wardens weren't that welcoming I do recall. Have used some of Camping in Forest Sites, they are superb out of school holidays.
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We have been members of both clubs for many years, mainly for the CL and CS sites.
Our next two outings are both CS sites, they can vary in quality just as CLs can. As usual I choose sites mainly on location but always look for CL sites first then CS second. Smile
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Agree Nevers, CS's do vary a lot,(as do CL's), we have found that CS's tend to be overpopulated a lot more than CL's. We have also been members of both for the last six years, we tend to use on a 70/30 basis with CS's second.
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