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Archie's Camping POIs 30,000 + campsites May 17 update
There is a new update on line now, for Archie's Camping which is downloadable for almost all types of SatNav.

This contains the POI's and other information on more than thirty-two thousand campsites in Great Britain and Europe. As usual Archie has been working hard behind the scenes, finding information and has passed on the following message.

Unfortunately in this update I have had to remove more campsites than I could add, because some have closed, and more and more campsites have changed what they offer to campers - especially in Europe. Some are now motorhome aires only, and others are offering only rental accommodation. I have been able to add opening and closing dates for more campsites, but please check by telephone before arriving because these dates can often change. As always, please send me an email if you have discovered anything which isn’t right, or incomplete.

Please share this information on any other forum - camping, caravanning, motorhoming, motorcycling, or others where you think it might be useful.

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