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Insurance Rip-offs
I've just saved myself £26.60, by not accepting my insurers renewal proposal for my car insurance. I've also lowered my excess from £400 to £250. All the time staying with my present insurer. A few searches came up with better offers for my car insurance, so I rang my insurers,....and Voila..... they bettered any quote given to me.
I do this every year for all my insurances, always get a better price than those quoted and end up with a cheaper policy. For the sake of a few minutes searching and a phone call, it's time well spent thumbup
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I think that most people are on a direct debt and just accept the new quote without looking at what they are really paying, or that's what the insurers hope , but like you I phone them and threaten to go elsewhere and they soon amend their quote
You're right, Husky, and that's why some companies like us to sign up to automatic renewal by card/DD.

My best one is the RAC Arrival policy where every year I ring them and every year get nearly 50% off the renewal cost without haggling. I don't even bother to compare costs now but just ring and that's all it takes.

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I was asked if I wanted an automatic or manual renewal, of course, I chose manual.
Yes, insurance companies do take you for granted, they are happy for you to just accept the renewal quote, many people do, especially the elderly, who aren't computer savvy. I feel sorry for them, I try and help others where possible, some simply "can't be bothered with the hassle", as they say. I also pay my policies in full, don't trust them with a rolling payment.
A dog is for life..... Not just for Lockdown
Very often a monthly payment scheme carries a credit charge as well so I'm a pay up front and get it out of the way person as well.

To be content with the decisions you’ve made, the lifestyle you lead and the friends you have is success beyond measure.
I spend ages trying to get premiums down. It always feels good to shave a couple of quid off the price.

The AA offered to half the price one year which made me decide to avoid them in future.
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I have to review the market in the next few days for our house insurance!
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I am happy to show my true Yorkshire side to any kind of insurance. Like a dog with a bone, I will extract any form of saving I can. Always shop around, never accept renewal offer.

We have learnt to keep receipts as well, I file them regular. We have been fortunate enough not to have to claim on house insurance many times, last time being a break in to garage. Some scumbag made off with our bikes, and it isn't until you have them stolen that you realise just how much extra kit is fitted to them. It all adds up. Having the receipts, I just itemised all the extras that had gone, such as spd pedals, computers, lights etc..... and the damage to the garage. They sent a loss adjuster out, handed her all the copied information, and we got almost everything replaced. They were even happy to specify an amount of money for my OH to do the repairs, rather than get some firm in. Dead easy, no quibbling.
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There is another scam that the insurance companies use. Cheap repair jobs! If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident they will try to get you to go to one of their "approved" workshops. Sadly they are very unlikely to be specialisers in your actual make of vehicle! That will usually mean that instead of using Genuine Toyota or Mercedes etc, panels on your car they will fit cheaper unbranded panels. Those panels mat not be to the same gauge as your original ones. The job, unless carried out by an official Toyota or Mercedes (Etc Etc) body shop will almost certainly not carry your cars bodywork warranty from then on! The paint job itself may well not be up to your original cars standard. This also applies to glass! I once had a windscreen cracked by a stone and like a fool allowed myself to be directed to a Nationally well known windscreen fitter. I soon found that it was optically poor and suffered from imperfections that you could see my moving your head a little. I insisted on an original spec screen and watched as it was fitted. The original spec was visibly heavier.
So if you are unlucky to be involved in an accident play tough with your insurer and insist on original spec parts fitted by your makers approved workshop not the insurers favoured one!


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