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Albania and more!
A cpla yrs ago we did a big 5 month tour on the SW and central countries of the EU  but only went as far as Venice sooooooooooooo next April we fancy a trip .....Calais/Salzburg/Croatia then due south to Albania exiting NW Greece. Anyone done that coastal route pulling a 'van??
After that is down and slowwwwwwwwly around the southern tip of Greece to soak up some spring sunshine then exit NE up thru Bulgaria/Romania/SW Poland for Auschwitz/Salt mines Berlin and home by mid July.

We will NOT use the Italy ferry route at all.
Welcome to Caravanchat mikal. Your trip sounds wonderful. The only info I can give you is regarding Poland. Auschwitz, and the Salt Mines. We did stop at a good campsite just outside Krakow. Plus the trip from Calais to Salzberg and down through Austria to border of Slovenia.

This info is all on my website which you have maybe seen already as in link in my signature below.

For info on Touring in Europe go to
Hi, Mikal.

Sorry, I can’t help with your route but Welcome to CaravanChat. Why not post in Introductions and tell us some more about yourself and your travels?

To be content with the decisions you’ve made, the lifestyle you lead and the friends you have is success beyond measure.

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