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solar battery charger
looking at buying a little solar panel battery charger to keep the M/H battery topped up ,the one iv'e seen on e-bay is 4.5w, would that be enough??? cant get mains to it so it has to a solar type
In life ,always have a plan B Dodgy
Depends on the drain of your battery whilst in storage.
A 4 watt solar panel is based on full sunlight for 1 hour, so on a nice summers day with the sun high in the sky and 8 hours of sunlight you could put 24 watts or 2 amps into your battery which seems pretty reasonable. Come winter with a low sun and short day and that could well drop to maybe 6/8 watts in total for the day which is just over 1/2 an amp, whether that is enough to overcome the natural plus normal drain of the battery I don't know.
If it was me I would go a little more and play safe with a 10 watt panel, any higher than this and you would probably have to incorporate a regulator to prevent overcharging on good, long sunny summer days.
I had one of those in my mini. It did the job but I was using the car every day. Easy to use and no need for a regulator. i didn't find it much use in the caravan as I had to switch the 12v on to make the socket work and it couldn't keep up with the drain

If I had a MH I think I'd be looking for a bigger panel that would let you run off grid as well? I use an 80w on the caravan but I calculated that 40w was enough for battery top ups in use and overwintering. You'd need a regulator though
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It only sits for a couple of weeks without being used ,and just wanted to keep the battery topped up ,so its always ready to start , but will have a look at a 10watt panel
In life ,always have a plan B Dodgy
It was fine for my car Husky. Don't use the cigar lighter connection though unless you've got one that works when the ignition is off.

I use mine to charge my homemade Bluetooth music system now. I don't have a problem with my current car as it doesn't have stop/start
Never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be  
Just a word of caution, Husky, as we have to park our van where not much sunlight reaches it at this time of year. Consequently, our 80w SP does not keep the batteries charged. We’re going to revert to plugging the van in at home - fortunately, we can do that.

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Husky, I bought a 4 Kw solar panel from Maplins, quite cheap, did not work, slung it in the bin, we have for the past few years been fortunate to have an 80 kw fitted as standard on our Coachman
Just an update, in the end I went for a 25w panel with controller which arrived to day , the M/H is parked in full sun ( when it comes out) ,so we're see how good it is
In life ,always have a plan B Dodgy

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