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Atmospheric Churches.
(11-07-2019, 10:21 PM)milliehull Wrote: A local historian also told me recently that some now also think that he suffered from diabetes

I would think his body weight would undoubtedly lead to diabetes. In his later years, his waistline had grown to 60 inches and he weighed around 25 stone. Apparently, he had a huge appetite which included meat at every meal.
This is the old church at Penalt, high above the river Wye near Redbrook in the Forest of Dean. It's quite a climb up through the woods to get there! The original bit of the tower is 13th century and, although it doesn't show up well in my photo the southern aisle - the little one on the right is "squint" to allow the congregation to see the altar. When we were there we met a family showing their daughter where her great grandparents were buried in the churchyard.
[Image: 1565972490093-20190814-144320.jpg]

[Image: 1565972459086-20190814-144156.jpg]
You don't have to a have a dog in your life - but it certainly helps!
Lovely photos moulesy. Thank you.
Retirement is relentless. Rolleyes

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