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Have you been "done" by weight?
And it is all perfectly legal, if not above board.

In the supermarket I bought a packet of frozen chips of a variety I had not seen before.  Once I picked up a bag I realised the bag was only half full, but a quick test weigh showed it matched what was printed on the bag.

Also bought "Pringles" to discover once opened that not only was the tube not full lengthwise, the diameter had been reduced to a lot less than that of the tube.

"Contents may settle after packing" as they print on the outside of the packets, but it must be rewarding to ship all this air around from factory to shop. Perhaps they are following Calor and doing this for safety - Calor cylinders are only ever 80% full.

Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948.
I think we have all been subjected to this "Stealth Rise" Nav. The plain greed of companies is beyond belief Gasp
We now shun the big companies, in favour of value for money cheaper brands.
A dog is for life..... Not just for Lockdown
The other thing to watch is the big Supermarket Cartels! Strangely enough both Tesco and Sainsbury decided to stop selling Roses Lime Juice on the same day! Strange that, given that they are both independent of each other. Never mind I bought five bottles today at Waitrose.

Its happened before with other brands, they've both taken decisions to Drop them at the same time. I will not be manipulated into buying their own brands!


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