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Archies Campings - Update March 2019
Once again there is a new update of Archies Campings
For those who don't know about Archies it is a website from which you can download files to suit almost every type of SatNav and gives details of around 33,000 campsites in the UK and Europe including both CAMC and C&CC club sites and locations. It's a very useful resource for any caravanner, whatever destinations you might be visiting.

There is also an App which can be purchased through the website - and the App includes lifelong free updates. It is all done as a 'labour of love' by someone in the Netherlands - not a large commercial company, so relies on information supplied by users to make sure it is as up to date as possible.

In this update many new campsites have been added, particularly in Italy. There is also a file for the remaining Camping Cheques sites - those which will accept any credits on your Silver and Gold cards (but not paper cheques which can no longer be used). After the end of 2019 you will lose any unused credits on your card.

It hasn't been possible to update the list of Best Deal Campsites so if you have a Best Deal card then make sure you check the Best Deal website to see whether any sites you want to visit are part of that scheme.

Please keep feeding back any corrections or additions you notice on your travels. There is a link within the website to contact Archie.

Please also share this post on any other forums/Facebook groups/other social media where you think the information might be useful.

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