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Isabella - Excellent Customer Service
At the Manchester show in January we purchased two Isabella side pockets for our Isabella Thor awning chairs. Unfortunately they are only suitable for the later model chair then ours! Contacted Isabella yesterday at 5pm and advised the had all but closed for the day and could they ring me following day. Well as promised the call was received this morning an apology given by Lisa for not asking how old our chairs were before we were allowed to make the purchase and a refund arranged immediately. For ease they do not want me to return the pockets.

I know the Isabella products aren’t the cheapest but they are very well designed and manufactured but more importantly the higher cost enables them to provide excellent levels of customer service. We found this when we had our full size awning enlarged last year too. Well done Isabella - one happy customer!
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Excellent service and good to know

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I bought 2 Isabella Comfort chairs when I started caravanning in 2014. Last year, both chairs developed a problem with broken ratchets on the armrests. I emailed Isabella whilst I was on holiday in the summer and asked if I could buy replacement armrests. They managed to source them for me in Denmark and sent them FOC to my campsite. I was amazed at the service and wrote to say so.

This year the second arm on each chair has developed the same fault and I have just this week received a second armrest for each chair.

Customer service is truly amazing at Isabella. Their products are worth the extra you pay in my opinion.
I totally agree with you. Isabella are quite simply the best.

I am still trying to sell my 1,000 CM Isabella capri Lux awning if any one is looking!


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