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Sad Time for us
Hello folks. Just thought I would pop in and let you know our sad news. After five lovely years with us, we lost Millie our golden Lab yesterday. She was twelve, we thought it was something like an ear infection or a bad tooth, but tests sadly confirmed otherwise, she had lymph cancer, and we had to do what was best for her. Much treasured, she was very loving, and the sweetest tempered dog you could wish for. We are heartbroken, but thankfully still have Rieves. The house seems too big and empty at the moment, and Mum is having a hard time dealing with losing her best friend.

If there is a doggy heaven, she is up there going giddy kipper with lots of other treasured pets. Millie at her best, a life spent full of love..... Cry
[Image: ED3-EC5-E3-B101-49-A3-B5-B7-1-EDB0-AAE44-CC.jpg]
In our home, dog fur is a fashion accessory! It's also a condiment....... Yay!  Heart
No words can be enough for the loss of a much loved family pet , but you gave her 5 years of love and happiness, and that's all we can do for our pets 
Thinking of you
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We know how you must feel, and are so sorry for your loss. She was a lovely, friendly dog and we too will miss seeing her again. Cry
We're both thinking of you.

RIP Millie.
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Thank you very much, I know there are folks on here that have gone through what we have, as well as those that actually met Millie for a walk. Rieves is doing fine, keeping us amused. It’s in his job description...... Smile
In our home, dog fur is a fashion accessory! It's also a condiment....... Yay!  Heart
I am so sorry to hear Millie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  I know how you all must feel having been through same 5 times ourselves.  We are thinking of you.

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So sorry to read of your loss of Millie TDA, at least the cancer can't hurt her anymore.
Remember the good times, Millie's gift to you.
Thinking of you both.
I gave my dog love..... And he became my friend for life   Cool
TDA as our earlier PM our thoughts and best wishes are with you all. You made the right decision for Millie. Time is a great healer it’s four years since we lost Sheba the good memories are strong and the loss far less painful. Rieves will help massively

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Lynne and I are so sad to hear this awful news

We will always remember Millie playing with our collies on Alnmouth beach and having great fun

You gave her a lovely life and can take comfort from that - but we know the pain you are going through only too well

Our thoughts and love are with you

Mick & Lynne
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As said by everyone else 'TDA', sorry to hear about Millie, when we had two dogs our remaining 'Oscar' helped us through. We now have only Cassie and though I have no reason, I get days where thoughts of being without her fills me with dread.
Best wishes and also to Rieves.
Really sorry to hear the news TDA. After losing our dog Toby over 10 years ago we have never felt like replacing him. Perhaps we will when we retire.
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