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Saves Man from Burning Caravan and Loses his Own
Read this on another forum. Thought it would be of interest to others on here.

Having saved a man who was in a burning caravan which was located next to his own and without thought for his own safety he then put this man's life in front of his own, as a result he then had to watch his own Bailey caravan and everything he owned inside it burn to the ground. Due to wind direction within minutes his own caravan was engulfed in flames. I have attached images of the burnt remains. This man has always been insured when he was moving or travelling abroad but the sad situation is he felt that his caravan was perfectly safe as he was long term stationary on this site. I am sure most of you are likely to be insured especially if you are travelling around the UK or abroad and I ask if anyone reads this and you don't have insurance, please, please, please even if you are stationary on a site long term please make sure that you get cover.

This proud and decent man has asked for nothing even though he now has no home and no belongings left. His friends of course are rallying around trying to help where we can on facebook, email etc... and a Gofundme page has been organized in his name Gordon Hankin. The link to it is:

Anything that anyone can do to help from talking about what has happened and spreading the news to other people or if you are able to donate this would be gratefully received.

[Image: download-4.jpg]
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

I see that as a scam. No verifiable details such as location, date and time, witnesses, etc. The looking for sympathy. The suggestion of donating money. The subliminal suggestion of passing it on. The photograph looks to be of an area too nice to be a static site, where I understand site operators usually require to see proof of insurance. I've not checked if the photograph has been published on the Internet previously.

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