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Archies Campings - Update May 2019
Once again there is a new updated version of Archies Campings (http://archiescampings.EU/) available on line from today. For those who don't know Archies Campings is a website containing a database of over 33,000 campsites throughout Europe, including the UK Club and commercial sites. These are available as downloads for all types of SatNavs so you can install these campsites as POI's. There is also an App available for smartphones and tablets, which once purchased (modest fee) gives lifetime updates. The website and App also gives separate downloads for Camping Cheque sites (this year only as the available sites can only be used by those who still have credits on their Gold or Silver cards), ACSI Card sites and Best Deal, and Archie has plans to add Camping Key Europe sites if there is enough interest, so please let him know if you think this would be a good idea.

In this update there are (as usual) additional campsites, especially in Italy but also in other countries, and other sites have been deleted if they have closed or become residential mobile home sites.

If there are any other additions you think would be useful, or if you have noticed anything which needs correcting in the database please let Archie know through the website.

Happy Holidays.
Thanks Val. thumbup
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