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RIP PC Andrew Harper.
RIP PC Andrew Harper a tragedy.

[Image: 054-FF67-A-DE76-4773-8841-873-D058-D1820.jpg]
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The whole Police Service, - past & present salute you, Andy! - RIP.

RIP Andy, thoughts with his wife, family and colleagues. A difficult time for all as unfortunately I know all too well.

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

This was yet another terrible, terrible event, which sadly seems to be happening more often

This young officer had just married his beautiful bride and had his whole life in front of him

A decent, caring, upstanding man taken away from those who loved him in an instant by some low-life

It's another timely reminder that some jobs are much more dangerous than 9-5 sitting at a desk in a warm office.

And the human beings who do these dangerous jobs and put their lives on the line every day are doing it to keep the rest of us safe.

RIP Andrew - from a country that is forever grateful to, and 100% supportive of you and your brave colleagues

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Well said Bugs, 100% with you on that one. Sadly liberal sentencing by the courts has not helped. In my day if you were found guilty of assault on a police officer . You would be going to prison ! Today that isn’t the case and as a result assaults on police have escalated. This must change and quickly!


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