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When Disaster Hits!
Not sure what speed they were doing but at face value doesn’t look like a mismatched outfit
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I believe everyone got out of that, though it looks horrific.
But I must question why the dog was travelling in the caravan?
I don't think that it was, The caravan came to rest beyond the Toyota which crossed the central reservation. The dog appears from the right of frame and not from the caravan, so I think that the dog was probably in the Toyota.

I thought that too Emmo

But I think TF is right, now I look at it again. I've played it back on my big monitor and slowly backwards to retrace what happened - and the piece of car the pooch emerges from appears to come from the back of the car before it goes over the barrier.

Just pleased the poor little mite was OK

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Yes, I now agree, after looking at it freeze-frame. It was maybe a cage in the boot.
On The Caravan Club forum someone says they have identified a plastic dog carrier coming out of the Toyota after the back window pops out. Must have a huge monitor - from my screen I can just about say it's a Toyota!

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