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Swift look to reduce Production Levels
Swift are holding discussions with workforce to look at reducing production levels especially motor homes due in part to Brexit and Political uncertainty

Wonder how much impact Brexit will have on the manufactures moving forward especially in the short term?
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I know the new Lunar outfit is reducing output and not making dealer specials as they want to improve quality. I wonder if swift is using Brexit as a smoke screen to improve quality.
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I believe that reducing caravan manufacture by the British manufacturers is something that cannot be reversed. As the Caravan owning demographic reaches retirement from the hobby there are fewer younger people wanting to continue the traditional caravanning lifestyle. The trend for those younger adventurous people who want to tour and live overnight in their mobile accommodation will be for small motorhomes / campervans . Caravans as we know them will soon be a thing of the past....... Swift today --- many others in the near future.
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I don’t believe this in our area lots of younger folks Caravanning. Both my two children are Caravanners and love it. Looking at the groups on FaceBook most are made up of younger folk.
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You must also take into account the changes in driving licence in 1997. there is a need to take an additional test to tow a caravan.

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