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Renewing car insurance more cheaply
It has been found that between 20-26 days before renewal date is where you'll find the cheapest price - after that, prices rise steadily. This is about getting quotes as a new customer, not from your existing insurer. Drivers who leave it until the last minute are statistically riskier, therefore they pay more, according to LV.
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

Two of our cars are with LV and we have always been quoted a competitive price on renewal (I check!). 

We do everything online and it's so easy.

The Bugs Freelander however is with the RAC and they always try to screw us for extra. So last time I got a quote from LV, checked elsewhere to make sure it was fair then rang the RAC with one of those "you need to sharpen your pencil or I'm off!" phone calls. 

Got £45 off and the eventual price after haggling was less than LV.  Wink

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Coincidentally, I've just renewed one of mine. It's 10% up on last year, but they tell me that's just down to increased costs!
Anyway, this car (the Disco) is nominally with Performance Direct. never heard of them, but found them last year on a comparison site.
The certificate is headed Market Place insurance.
On the bottom, it says Highway insurance.
Below that it says Highway is a trading name of LV=.
And Lv= is is a trademark of Liverpool Victoria Freindly Society.
Highway Insurance is authorised by the Prudential regulation Authority.
That's SIX different insurance companies on one policy!
So, just who the h*ll am I insured with?
That is very confusing emmerson we are with LV they put ours up last year and we complained and then they reduced it.
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