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Camping El Astral at Tordesillas – Spain.
I've just been wending my way southwards through Spain, so here is the first report on sites that I haven't used before.

Camping El Astral is a large campsite situated alongside the wide and fast-flowing River Duero across the bridge from the town of Tordesillas – roughly mid-way between Burgos and Salamanca.   Several motorways – the A62; the A6 and the A11 bypass the town, making the site a useful overnight stop.   But there are sufficient places of interest in the town to warrant at least one extra night there.
The approach to the site is along an unattractive, potholed, dirt road, leading into an open space in front of the reception building. I entered the office where I was greeted warmly. My passport was copied but my ACSI card was rejected. I booked in for two nights with electricity. I was given a code with which to raise the barrier; also a plan of the site with instructions to park where I wished. I suggested paying immediately and was asked for just €23 – for two nights with electricity!. Although the site runs parallel with the river, it’s not possible to reach the riverbank since a high wire fence surrounds the site and is fixed about 30 yards back from the water. The toilet block is situated centrally on the site and is fitted out to a very high standard. Laundry sinks are fitted outside the block but undercover. Three pay-to-use washing machines are also installed. Electric bollards are shared by six or so pitches, so a full-length mains cable could be required. Water taps are situated at the roadsides about 100 meters apart – as are the waste bins. Four foot high hedges separate each plot, some of which are drive-through, so if your outfit is no more than 12 metres or so, unhitching for an overnight stop could be avoided.   On-site there is a restaurant, which being winter, was closed.  Also the site has a free wifi connection.

Pictures and an account of my journey may be read at
Thanks Jaydug for this interesting post please keep in touch and have a wonderful safe time in Spain.

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