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Camping Merida – Merida, Spain.
Camping Merida is situated alongside what used to be the main road between Madrid and Merida, but now the road is simply a four-mile-long slip road leading from the town to the A5 motorway. The easiest approach to the site is from the motorway rather than through the town.

It is a large site standing well back from the road. In winter, much of the site is cordoned off with only the pitches on one side of the central roadway being in use. Bar, Restaurant, and reception form the entrance with a car park to the front of the buildings. Behind reception are some rental bungalows, and behind those are the camping pitches. The toilet and shower block is centrally placed on the site and is fitted out to a good standard. After dark, the toilet lighting needs to be switched on but turns off automatically after a reasonable time. Pitches are defined by rows of mature trees, with pairs of pitches being back to back. Electric bollards which supply 10amps are placed at the ends of the pitch lanes so some campers may need a mains cable of substantial length to reach their unit. Water taps and rubbish bins are spaced down the central roadway.

The town is about 3 miles away from the campsite. Merida is said to have more historical Roman excavated sites than any other town or city in Spain. Besides an arena and a theatre and a temple, some six miles from the town is a reservoir created more than 2000 years ago to be used as a water supply for the town.

My pictures show the reservoir and the remains of the aqueduct which once carried the water to the town.

[Image: IMG-20191202-152803.jpg]

[Image: IMG-20191203-095330.jpg]
Looks very nice area Jaydug thanks for posting.
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