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Villages by the Sea
Just watched this Program it was so interesting of beautiful Suffolk village of Walberswick We use to spend a lot of time here when we had our static caravan on the Suffolk Coast.
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I didn't get to Walberswick but I had an interesting day spent just a few miles away, around the Dunwich area during the past summer. The village today consists of one street and a handful of houses, but in the 11th & 12th Centuries it was a bustling city with a population of 4,000 inhabitants with a seaport, 8 churches, and four or five monasteries. But now, all the ruins lie on the sea-bed because during the 14th and 15th Centuries, the rising water levels submerged them.
Yes this area of Suffolk has some very interesting places Dunwich and the Dunwich Cliffs.
All those years ago when Dunwich was flooded there wasn’t any fumes etc to cause it.
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I only ever sailed into the Blyth once when we kept Tokomaru at the Tide Mill in Woodbridge. But of course, we tied up on the Southwold side. Tricky, as the ebb was flowing at 2-3 knots! So we had to "ferry glide" - match the ebb and slowly drift into the quay - important to get the bow line on & secure asap before we cut the engine!

We visited Walberswick on other occasions by car - but only ever went to the beach, not the village.

I'll have to tell Mrs Bugs about this programme and see if we can get it on iplayer

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It seems to be Reginald as I noticed other areas had a local village on at the same time we watched Walberswick. I personally would like to see all of them country wide.
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