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Swift Announce Redundancies
Swift have announced closure of its Mexbrough site and other redundancies due to prolonged political and economic turbulence.

Not as drastic as Lunar but obviously the industry is suffering at the moment despite what they claim to be good sales figures at the NEC in October
Riggers - 2020 Swift Celebrate Super QEB & 2019 Volvo S90.

"Some cause happiness wherever they go - others whenever they go!" - Oscar Wilde.

This current craze to drastically reduce carbon emissions is going to have a very serious effect on the leisure industry!

On one hand you have the pressure to reduce flights and to Holiday in the UK, but then you have the pressure to all adopt toy cars with tiny electric engine's which simply cannot tow a decent caravan. Motorhomes rely on the same engines that power delivery vans etc and they all still run on Diesels which quite wrongly are blamed for all our pollution woes.

Its no wonder that the leisure industry is having a bad time. Probably the only sector that is fairly safe at the moment are the Static caravan sites such as Haven & similar.


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