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Swift Recall
Thought this might be relevant to some of our Members.
For info on Touring in Europe go to
Frightening to think that it's taken so long for this to come to light. Glad that I've no longer got a Swift. Feel sorry for those affected
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

This happens to all makes of caravans from time to time I admire Swift for doing something about a fault they have found. I can we member this sort of thing happening to Baileys and Coachman Nd Lunar Caravans in recent years.
For info on Touring in Europe go to
Love our swift , its 2016 model, yes we have had some problems but the dealer fixed them with no problem. Two years ago we had a Coachman van on the CL just a year old and 3 of the windows fell out. Dealer was not interested , needed the van towed back to them without the windows in place. Luckily we have a very good mobile service man nearby and fitted them back in place.

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