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Swift Redundancies
I think this maybe become a common story over the coming weeks and months. I wonder if all the manufacturers will still be with us at the end of this?
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I can't see how any can keep going at the moment. The demand for new vans will have diminished dramatically and dealers will be stuck with many of this year's model still on their forecourts. How will they shift them to make way for the new models that will have already been designed and started?
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I feel we are all in unknown times, and only time will tell. I feel sorry for those who cannot deal with today's situation. That is not being able to do just as they want when they want to.I was very young re WW2 but the aftermath I do recall, and the feeling of well being with just simple advances in lifestyle, firstly mains electricity, then a TV. and then my own radio. Boy was I proud .
Today my mainstay has been the internet, my other big thanks is for the likes of Amazon.
Yes life changes both good and bad , but it goes on and those that survive will be those who adapt .
I cannot see how the caravan industry can return to the full production and sales levels as a few years ago.. Last year there was a decline resulting in dealerships unable to sell what stocks of new vans they had in their forecourts. This has been exacerbated by the world wide pandemic of Cov19 resulting in people not able to enjoy their considerable investment on their caravan lifestyle. Many people have decided to give up towing because of the adverse public opinion on Diesel powered cars towing large caravans. Recently, over the last 5 years or so there has been a trend for many to change to Motorhomes, but once again, the image of lines of motorhomes parked overnight in car parks lay-byes and other public spaces has tainted and hardened the public's attitude to selfish motorhoming.
Camping sites are becoming very expensive and in some cases, due to ridiculous booking rules, are making the idea of "hitch up and go" difficult if not impossible to enjoy. The future will include a rise in hiring of static accommodation such as camping barns and chalets providing the ability to enjoy the campsite environment without the huge expense of having a caravan or motorhome sitting at home or in storage doing nothing for many months of the year.
There is a future for campsites but not as we have been used to.. Enterprising manufacturers will be proactive in switching their production to static accommodation and those who don't will suffer financially...
Finally our hobby has suffered bad publicity from selfish people who have used their vans to visit rural and coastal areas and communities during the lock-down restrictions bringing who knows what viruses to those areas.
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Interesting that CAMC have reported 14% increase in bookings year on year and are healthy for the remainder of the year if sites reopen in July. I think the biggest problem could be pitch availability as CAMC certainly not adding 14% increased capacity for peak times.
Riggers - 2020 Swift Celebrate Super QEB & 2019 Volvo S90.

"Some cause happiness wherever they go - others whenever they go!" - Oscar Wilde.


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