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Little Egrets.
Had breakfast outside on the deck this morning 9am. When I looked over the wall saw these two Little Egrets fly into the tree at far side of Millpond across the road.

In the first picture below the shot and second one edited.

[Image: FBE03-F5-E-1570-4-A73-ADB8-C7461-A2-CA143.jpg]

[Image: 521-CDCB4-1148-492-C-8021-94-EAA1-CFBC1-B.jpg]
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We saw 3 the other day on a small pond in one of our local woods. That's the most I've spotted in this area at one time. We quite often see the odd one on the channel between Barrow and Walney Island.
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!


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