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New Tow Car!!!
For a couple of months it had become clear that Mrs R’s back problems meant she could no longer easily drive a manual gearbox car and we needed to change her Ford Ecosport to an automatic.

Part of our deliberations in looking for a replacement also revolved around my employers future policy around travel and company cars following on from COVID19 - they have already indicated that they expect business travel to reduce after lockdown - and if when it comes to changing the Volvo S90 if they would be happy to replace it with a car big enough to tow our twin axle van if at all!

So the decision was made to look for a replacement car for Mrs R that was capable of pulling the van and here it is. A Kia Sorento. One owner full dealer history with 49k miles. Comes with Towbar and 13pin electrics. It will be more stable tow at around 90% of kerbweight and being an auto better for Mrs R day to day.

Now all we need is to be able to get out!

[Image: 81-B14132-E5-B7-452-A-8-B10-663582-B6-C1-A9.jpg]
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Congratulations You won’t regret buying the Sorento. Ours towed twin Axle all over Europe for 2/3 months for 12 years no problems. I miss ours very much we sold her after selling the caravan 2 years back and bought small Qashqai.
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Good choice Riggers sure you won’t regret the change and safeguards whatever your bosses decide going forward

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