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Caravan Club Annouce Plans to Reopen on 4 July
CAMC has announced that phased plans have been put in place to start open English sites on 4 July Hurrah!

There are some sites to remain closed for the rest of the year and members are being asked to amend cancel bookings on those sites as well as bookings made for the 1, 2 & 3 July.

These are “plans” only but I assume they must have been given some indication by the Government that they will be allowed to do so unless anything drastic happens in the interim.

Be interesting to see what Scotland & Wales do now?
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I hope this does go ahead otherwise I am going to have alot of very unhappy visitors who want to come to my CL, in July.
(09-06-2020, 05:32 PM)David from Suffolk Wrote: I hope this does go ahead otherwise I am going to have alot of very unhappy visitors who want to come to my CL, in July.

Have you not had any word from the CC about when you might be able to open, then?
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

Woohoo, we have Chatsworth booked from 6th July as earlier in the year we realised we’d only ever been in winter, fingers crossed it happens. Will be interesting to see what steps have been taken to safeguard everyone

To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

We can't go anywhere! Anne's just had a letter extending her shielding until 16th August, so that's this season lost as well.
We lost last year waiting for a hip operation which still has not been done, and now this!
Anyone want to buy a camper van or caravan?
You will get out soon Emmerson and hopefully enjoy late summer and my favourite time of year autumn.
Riggers - 2020 Swift Celebrate Super QEB & 2019 Volvo S90.

"Some cause happiness wherever they go - others whenever they go!" - Oscar Wilde.

Ive had enough too!
I am also in receipt of a Sheilding letter, but I see nothing of a legality about it. Indeed for the past 10 days I have been taking ever longer walks outside my property twice a day, and am now averaging over 8,500 steps per day on public footpaths although do not meet anyone, go in anywhere or touch anything. But today I drove to the local surgery to see a nurse about a damaged toe. On Monday I have booked an appt to see a chiropodist because my toe nails make taking exercise difficult. On the 6th July I have an appt with by barber to cut my long hair, there is danger might trip over it.
So my Attitude is - Be careful but life must go on!
I am not forced to wear the Star of David on my jacket, so who will know?
Once the sites open in July, provided there has not been a new upsurge of the Virus I will decide what I am going to do about going away.
Again, - I am not required to paint a Star of David on the side of my motorhome, so I will go where i chose, - Provided I can satisfy myself that my risks are minimal.
I have obeyed and enforced the law all my adult life, but at 75 my years must be limited, so to hell with it. I will take my own decisions!

Shielding seems to be just a further layer of protection for the NHS from having to cope with individuals who are likely to be affected particularly badly by this virus and would require even more resources to nurse - and with a much lower likelyhood of a successful conclusion. I expect the shielding to be extended again and again until a vaccine becomes available - albeit with some reductions to the list of conditions.

There is some sense in the arguement that, from a personal point of view, one is likely to eventually catch the virus and that one's level of reaction to it has already been determined by genetic makeup and similar factors. So anyone, sheilding or not, could decide that they will take their chance now while the number of cases the NHS is having to nurse are relatively low and before the next wave starts. This may well be the attitude of those hordes who are making up the crowds at the current protest events.

I am in the category one level below shielding, as is my girlfriend, so we have booked to go away in the caravan as soon as the transport restrictions in Scotland will allow sufficient travel - it is five miles at present. We both think our level of contact with others will actually be less while away than it is at present at home, and should either of us (probably both if it happened!) develop symptoms we will be only an hour's drive from home. And, no, we are NOT going to Durham!

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I'm shocked that TF takes the attitude that the virus advice does not apply to him. Especially as he claims to be in the Shielding group. Also His reference to The Star of David is in extremely poor taste for obvious reasons.
A dog is for life . Not just for Christmas
Bessy, Explain to me why walking on a remote path with no one about - let alone at a 2 metre distance is any different to my back garden. You are allowed to do it twice a day so why not I? I repeat I touch nothing, do not enter any confined space and do not come into contact with anyone. From your comments it appears that you want me 'Sentenced" indefinitely ? Actually I'd rather be dead!

My reference to the Star of David, was an explanatory one. The cruel and dreaded Nazi regime made Jews wear the Star of David so that the rest of the populace could immediately recognise them and treat them cruelly. I was explaining that at least the Govt was not doing the same to us.

Bessy, I would be upset by your comments - except that they are exactly the sort of comment that I would expect from you!


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