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Where are we going?
(18-11-2020, 06:24 PM)Tigerfish Wrote: I’ll try to get in earlier tonight!


Yep Yep Yep
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My problem is that despite being married for 51 years, the DCOS and I like totally different TV programs. So I tend to record what I like, let her watch come prancing and other similar programs, and then I watch my wildlife and military type programs after she’s gone to bed. That way we are both happy. But it does mean that I am late into the Travellers!

(18-11-2020, 01:47 PM)DianneT Wrote:
(18-11-2020, 11:49 AM)Admiral Wrote: Despite all the posts on this thread, every day I open Chat to find the same old boring threads and not much else.

Change a Letter
Word Association
Three Word Story

Come on folks please make this Forum more interesting with caravan/motorhome related threads not the this attempt of jacking up the participants post count.

Why not consider what changes you have made, what products do you recommend etc. get people hitting the keyboard on a regular basis.  There are quite a few on here that have many years experience and I am sure they too would like more interesting threads.

This could be my last post as the management may not like it and I will be banned forever and never seen again, honest, I am not wanting to make trouble but would like this forum to flourish, and when you think "Caravan Forum" you click on Caravan Chat    arghh     mudsling    mudsling

I disagree Admiral on looking over the last 5 days the range of topics has been varied and the Forum has been busier.

[Image: 22-D1-F1-DE-1256-4777-BDE4-8911-E07-ACBD6.png]

With regards to the three topics you mention Admiral these are used by a few of our Members who enjoy them they are in Lockdown and some live alone. Most forums have these topics and they are used.

As I have stated before with this Covid situation very few people have been Caravanning so it is difficult to raise topics on our hobby if there is no activity.  I notice all forums I visit plus FaceBook Caravan Groups are very quiet on Caravanning/Motorhoming Topics.

I agree with you Dianne on a point, but totally disagree with your comment that it is down to Covid, just look at other Caravan Forums they are all busy with new members and long standing members, I ask why is this forum not picking up new members, I will just refer you to my post for the answer, this forum needs to generate more interest in caravanning subjects not just playing games, I have tried, but to no avail, obviously, most just meet up in the Travellers for a bevy and discuss the word game or have a laugh at the answers of the three word story.
I would love to see this forum succeed as there are some nice people, but I don't think so as it does not have subjects that caravanners want, particularly the newbies who need help, just look at the other forums, they have picked up hundreds of newbies since lockdown, maybe this forum has, but where are they, it's the same old few every day
During Covid lockdowns, people have much more spare time to contribute to forums. Caravan forums don't necessarily have to restrict their subjects to purely caravan related issues. Although issues like Vanners emptying the contents of their toilet cassette in laybys, as captured on video in the news is a subject which should interest and disgust. :-
I'm sure that most decent people are disgusted by this ever increasing behaviour. Overnighting should only be allowed in proper campsites with waste disposal facilities.
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I thought it was Law that you could not overnight on any public road. That is duisgusting.
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What is this World coming to, I did not read the article as I was a little shocked by the video, but the Reg Plate was clearly visible so hope the Law followed it up, these people should have the book thrown at them, or stick their heads down a sewer where they belong
That story got onto The Caravan Club forum and was locked after two replies. Maybe we here are doing better after all!

Land Rover - making mechanics out of drivers since 1948.
They should be prosecuted, this sort of behaviour should not be tolerated....... Disgusting
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(19-11-2020, 12:43 PM)Navigator Wrote: That story got onto The Caravan Club forum and was locked after two replies. Maybe we here are doing better after all!

The reason that it was locked was that there has been another long running discussion about M/Hs and Aires in Scotland and this topic had entered into that post, so it was just a repeat of similar previous posts
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(19-11-2020, 12:18 PM)DianneT Wrote: I thought it was Law that you could not overnight on any public road.  

But if it's an official layby, surely that's what it's for. HGV drivers do it all the time. They've got to when their driving time has expired and they are into rest periods. Having said that, I'd hate trying to spend a night close to traffic noise and often traffic turbulence.

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