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Reversing camera
looking to fit a reverse it camera to my motorhome,as when towing my car I can’t see it ,not even in the mirrors ! Looking at a wired one and twin camera , anyone use one and what make , any pros or cons ?
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We have one fitted in the car but inbuilt. Looking on Amazon they have loads to view I always read the reviews before buying and how many stars there are.
Sorry I cannot recommend one.
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There is one fitted in my Auto Sleeper clamped over and replacing the normal rear view mirror. This one acts as a normal mirror when forward gears are in use but switches to a wide angle TV picture when reverse is selected. It’s superb!
The MH is in its storage barn at the moment but I will check the make ASAP.

Quite a few years ago I fitted one on the back of my caravan. The package I used was similar to eBay item number :174214128723
This is the kit.
[Image: P1010038.jpg]

I didn't want to drill the back panel for wiring, so I fitted it at the back under the floor. It gives a worm's eye view, but I don't mind. It shows what's behind me!

[Image: P1010097.jpg]

The wiring is clipped to the underside of the floor. Power for the camera can be taken from the 12volt fridge circuit. A connector is fitted at the boot, with the remainder of the wiring going under the car's carpets. The monitor is fitted with a suction cup to the left of the windscreen. Power for the monitor is taken from the cigar lighter.

[Image: P1010041.jpg]
I took the easy option and got a WiFi rear view camera for my trailer caravan. It is viewed on any device that is logged onto the WiFi and runs a free application. Fine picture on my tablet in a holder on dashboard.

It is a cheap £15 one off e-Bay as I wanted to prove the concept but, as its working so well, I'm about to hard wire it to the sidelight circuit.

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Fortunately I have one fitted as standard in my X3, looks a bit complicated to me JD

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