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Understanding Garage-Speak
More than half of drivers (56%) say they’ve been left struggling to understand the language used by garages when describing faults with cars and what needs to be done to fix them, new RAC Breakdown research shows.*

From odd terms like ‘big end’ (part of an engine) to acronyms such as AGM (a type of battery, not a meeting), DPF (a filter which helps clean up diesel exhausts) and TPMS (a system that monitors tyre pressure), the world of garage servicing and repairs has more than its fair share of words that have the potential to baffle – which might explain why half of drivers surveyed (50%) feel they’d been overcharged or ripped off by a garage, with more than one-in-10 (15%) saying a garage carried out work they hadn’t agreed to.

A quarter of drivers (26%) meanwhile felt the cost of repairs they ended up paying turned out to be far higher than they were quoted, while nearly a fifth (18%) said the garage could not repair their vehicle for them at all. Nearly half (46%) said they would be uneasy dealing with garages they didn’t know.

To make things simpler for drivers who need to use a garage after their car breaks down, the RAC has introduced dedicated garage support across its range of new breakdown assistance policies.** Drivers opting for the entry-level Standard package receive a fault report to help a garage understand what’s wrong, while those opting for Advanced or Ultimate cover levels are given help finding and booking a garage, provided with repair estimates up-front, along with an explanation of the likely work needed, free of any ‘garage lingo’.

The RAC has also developed a guide to garage speak that explains some often-used garage terms in simpler language.
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