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Salisbury CCC Site
Spent three nights at this lovely CCC Clubsite during the first week of October, accompanied by my three granddaughter's and of course Alfie the mischievous mutt.
The site is adjacent to a large field (Hudsons Field) that has three rugby pitches marked out and is a lovely run for dogs.
A lot of the pitches are on a slope, so blocks are recommended, when we visited, the toilet and shower blocks were closed due to Covid precautions, this didn't worry us as we used our own on board facilities. The Motorhome waste and fresh water filling point is just inside the gate, with ample room to pull of the road. The site has a combination of grass and hard standing pitches, some of the hard standings were grass 'reinforced.

Old Sarum is visible just over the rugby field and is a pleasant stroll up to it. If you intend visiting then pre book your visit online as that's the only way you can gain entry. You can walk around the rings and view some of the original ruins, we found these interesting.

It is also a  pleasant walk into Salisbury itself from the site, approximately forty minutes, along the river, depending on your walking pace. There is also a bus service from the main road just outside the site, so you could walk down and bus back, whatever takes your fancy. Again, if you want to visit the Magna Carter housed in the Cathedral, then book your visit on line, I never gave this a thought and my girls and I were disappointed with not being allowed in. The Cathedral and grounds are very interesting and worth a visit, in my view.
All in all, a very pleasant visit, with the good weather being a bonus.

I'm sorry but I'll have to edit and post photos as I'm on the wrong device.
[Image: IMG-20191018-131407927.jpg]
View of Old Sarum from lounge window
[Image: IMG-20191018-160125120.jpg]
Looking back to site from Old Sarum
[Image: IMG-20191018-113523831.jpg]
Salisbury Cathedral
[Image: IMG-20191018-113350111-BURST000-COVER.jpg]

upload image for forum
[Image: IMG-20191018-111451070.jpg]
The walk into Salisbury
[Image: IMG-20191018-165221118.jpg]
Alfie knackered after his day out Yay!
[Image: IMG-20200804-130727420-2.jpg]
Interesting information
[Image: IMG-20200803-133000166-2.jpg]
Taking a break
Thanks AD, will give it a visit when we next get to liberate the MH from storage.

Worth a visit TF, don't see any traces of novichok Gasp
There is also a CMC(CC) site, but not within walking distance to Salisbury, unless you're athletic LoL
Have stayed there a couple of times in the past, but as we are no longer C&CC members won't be able to in the future. We were going to stay at the CC's Salisbury site last year but had to cancel when we had trouble with the electrics in the van and had to come home from the Forest of Dean.
Not all that wander are lost! They're just taking their dog for a walk!!

I used to visit Old Sarum airfield a lot when I was working for McAlpine Helicopters/ Eurocopter. Lovely area.


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