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Tips For Touring
Does it retract when the engine is started TF?
A dog is for life..... Not just for Lockdown
No, it certainly used to! It’s very odd. It was extends quite normally so it’s obviously connected electronically. It just won’t retract either on the button or when starting the engine.

Sounds like a relay is faulty , if you can locate it ,give it a thump
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It sounds like a relay problem to me TF, it could be worth tripping all the your circuit breakers and resetting them, also, (first let me say that I'm no expert and I don't have a retractable step any more) as far as I can remember, there may be a 35or25amp fuse controlling the operation, this is obviously ok as your step extends, however there may be a 3 or 5 amp fuse controlling the relay. If you can, check all your fuses in your habitation control panel. There may be a fuse gone on the engine side which would either be in the fuse panel in the cab or there are normally control fuses under the bonnet to control the alternator output, this output, from the D+terminal enables the relay to retract your step. I know it sounds complicated and I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, in reality just check all your fuses after tripping and resetting your breakers. Hope this helps mate.
A dog is for life..... Not just for Lockdown
Thanks you may well be right because earlier today I had been resetting a number of factors on the vehicle dashboard as all my settings had dropped out when the battery died during the lockdown!
I suppose I should have got one of my grandchildren to do it!

Perhaps the step is not coming out far enough to trip the switch that lets the controls reverse the direction of the motor, ir the switch is duff, or mice ate the wires?

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Just a gentle reminder that it's getting to about the right time of year to think of fitting vent covers to your fridge vents. I've fitted mine on today and they will probably remain fitted throughout the winter and early spring months.
They are designed to aid your fridge to run properly during the colder weather in temperatures of 10 degrees and below.
I also fit them when washing my motorhome, they help to prevent any water entering the vent and leaking out on to you internal floor.
Some people don't use them whilst traveling in case they accidentally blow off. I would say that in twelve years of motorhoming, I haven't lost one yet.
A dog is for life..... Not just for Lockdown
Good point AD, I haven’t fitted any for the last 2 years so need to buy some next time I’m at the dealer. Have to say I always remove them when travelling
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I carry a set in the van all Year round, but won't be fitting mine till it stays colder than 8C for a few days as we are still having temperatures of well above that in Devon at the Moment. Once they are on they will be there over the winter even when going off on another trip or two.
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