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Prumtal Camping, Nr Bitburg Germany

This is an excellent 5* Campsite to visit en route to Southern Germany, Black Forest, Austria and Italy.

It is an ACSI CampingCard Site and €19 a night all in. Metered Electricity. with ACSI usual quota free, on Fully Serviced Pitches with Superb Facilities and 5* Restaurant.  Free excellent WIFi all over site.
Photos  on here

Site Website here

Route available for anyone who requires it.

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Just had a browse Dianne, looks very very nice, wonderful facilities. At some point we hope to venture abroad, I want to see French castles and historic towns and cathedrals. Always enjoy Tour de France for quick glimpses of how lovely and unspoilt some of towns have remained. One day.......
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You and the dogs would love this part of Germany, beautiful countryside of rolling hills and trees. It is an area from which you can visit the Lovely Mosel Valley with its quaint old worldy towns.
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We stayed here last year and met with Dianne and John...superb is only half of how good it was. Excellent meal at restaurant and cracking company too.

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Dianne sent me details of this site and it dos look excellent. On our list for next year if has hoped we get across to Germany & Austria
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We were going to stay there on Dianne's recommendation this year but turned up when everyone was at lunch, walked around and tried a few doors but no luck. Didn't want to hang around too long with the possibility there was no room so we headed to Nueurburg about 10 miles away to a nice site called 'Camping in der Enz'.
Hopefully will try 'Prumtal' next year
What a shame Dave , if no one in the Office you go into the Restaurant where they can book you in, there is a notice on the office door. You perhaps did not see it as it would be in German. What time of year was it?

Perhaps if you intend staying there next year, email them ahead, but you have to see someone in office or restaurant to give you your cards to get through the gate and to enter the Toilet/Shower Facilities. All very secure as they had Irish travellers there few years back causing problems.

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It was in June Dianne, and yes we did see a notice but if my memory serves correctly it perhaps was in German. Never mind we were pleasantly surprised by our second choice with nice walking from the site and an old rail line walk into Nueurburg.
We knew about the lunch times and arriving during, and just wanted to pitch and if 'Camping en der Enz' was not available we would have returned to 'Prumtal'.
We were there in mid June as was Hugh and Penny we could have met up if it had been the same time. It was busy when we were there but we were OK I always reserve out normal pitch ahead..
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We telephoned ahead on our way down from Groningen, Holland and was very pleased to find they would enjoy speaking English and indeed greeting English tourists. Our card was printed on our arrival and a more pleasant stay one couldn't wish for, smashing bar, restaurant, superb toilet, shower facilities and many interesting places to visit. Will definitely visit again.
Happy caravanning, Frenchconnection.
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